Drive Traffic With Facebook (Facebook 101 Business Guide)

Facebook is globally closing in on over 700 million users!  So it’s no wonder that a great strategy for driving traffic to your business website is to create a Facebook Fan Page for your business.

When it comes to promoting your business, the more “exposure” you have, the more traffic you’ll be able to drive!  When you create your Facebook Fan Page , you’ll be able to link to your website (creating a high authority backlink), share content from your site, generate leads, connect with your fan base and so much more!

Now when it comes to creating your Facebook Fan Page yourself — Mari Smith is the ultimate professional and she’s created a guide on how to do this the proper way, so head on over to her post on… Facebook 101 Business Guide to learn more about what Facebook can do for your business and follow her step-by-step guide on getting started!

And here are some tips (or rather some things to avoid!) to help you out once you’ve set up your page:

1.  Don’t post too many times a day on Facebook! A good rule of thumb for brands is to post just once a day (2-3 times at most if you have a great announcement — but space them out throughout the day!).  Facebook Fan Pages are different than personal pages and the threshold of fans seeing your business content is much smaller.  You don’t want to give the appearance of spamming!

2.  Be sure to post a variety of content, not just your blog posts! Fans want to see images, status updates, etc. (not just links to your website!).  Think of your Fan Page as a more personal extension of your website where you share exciting news and don’t forget, if you have clients you’ve done work for that are also on Facebook, post about them too — share your work!

3.  Be sure to respond to your fans! This is a big mistake if you don’t do this because Facebook is about engagement and connecting with your fans on your Wall!   Make sure you’re receiving notices when a fan posts on your Fan Page Wall so that you can respond quickly (within 6 hours is ideal but at a minimum, within 24 hours!).

This should help you get started off on the right foot!  Mari’s guide will give you much more information and great tips so check that out ( Facebook 101 Business Guide ), get started and have fun with it!!!

If you’ve got some more great tips to share about Facebook Fan Pages for business… please comment below!

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Cindi Houtz is a WordPress Enthusiast! With over 20 years of experience in Marketing & Advertising, she's gained expertise in virtually every aspect of marketing. But her passion comes out when consulting and developing WordPress sites for clients. Cindi applies the principles of effective Brand Marketing to each and every site to help clients position themselves as a leader in their market!


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